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Rip Jenkins

Before running my own coaching practice, I worked for several years as a pastor of a successful churches throughout the mid-west.


Nowadays you’ll find me traveling (a lot!), speaking at conferences, playing with my three grandchildren and occasionally looking for the next great place to play golf,— all while coaching students, serving clients, and recording my show,  Rip Jenkins Raw — a V-blog dedicated to personal growth.


While I enjoy coaching and blogging, most of my leadership consulting is done internationally through Equip, an organization dedicated to leadership development around the world.  Currently, I have been working in the country of Honduras training pastors and church leaders to mobilize for community transformation.

My Story.

My career has been spent in various forms of church leadership, transformational development, and community service.


Born in Southern, Illinois, I grew up an active leader in my school and church. To the horror of my parents, my career goal was to become an a pastor and add value to people.

While in Senior High School I started and developed a core group of 70-plus peers into a weekly service community. And at age 16 I pastored my first church in a rural area where I received amazing insight into working with people, this first church created in me a deeper desire to help others discover their purpose for life.

Broad perspectives.

Upon completing my Bachelors and Master of Theology, I globe-trotted as a missionary and evangelist. Travel broadened my perspective, ingrained a deep appreciation for culture, and served as a catalyst for speaking and consulting. I love meeting new people, being in diverse settings, and creating out-of-the-box solutions.

This is also where my ministerial career started: I learned exceptional people skills, biblical perspectives and processes for life changing transformation.  

My mother raised me in church during my adolescent years, and that carried over into me helping serving in vocational ministry roles from 1970 to Today.


While my perspectives on these things have changed over the years, looking back I can see that they uniquely equipped me for coaching, transformational

leadership, and consulting. I have also been a featured public speaker for groups small in number and into the thousands, speaking on behalf of causes that make a positive impact on our world.

 Leadership Consulting was a natural fit, given my love for travel and new experiences. Rather than me “finding” consulting, consulting “found” me.

Today, you can find me still doing what I love and encouraging others to discover and fulfill their God-given strengths for service to others.