Catch and Grow Your Plan

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

My favorite coaching question when I meet with someone for the first time is: What is your PLAN? I know the value of a good plan, and I know the pitfall of a poor plan. However, even more important than either good or poor is the question: Are you following your plan? This question I call the power question. It signifies this--does your plan have power?

A power plan has the following 5 ingredients.

  1. The first is purpose, why do you have this plan in the first place? Determining the reason behind what you are doing gives you direction. John C. Maxwell says it this way, “Find your why and you will find your way.” Purpose gives direction to your plan.

  2. The second is order. What do you do first, and then second and so on? Giving a priority to your plan helps you see what needs to happen first in-order-to move to the second step. I always start with the end-result in mind and then work backward to the beginning. As I see things in reverse, I also see the interconnections of each step to reach my goal.

  3. Third is I must determine my will. How important is the intended result to me? To my family, to my plan? Determining my will enables me to understand the cost or sacrifice I will need to bring to accomplish the steps necessary to accomplish my plan. It is at this point I get very clear to what I need to give up in-order-to reach my plan. Nothing happens without sacrifice.

  4. Fourth, I must be willing to provide the energy to reach my goal. What will keep me focused on my plan? What drives my actions? What fuel do I need to keep me keeping on? I define energy as desire. If you don't have the desire to achieve your plans, you're not going to achieve them. The worst thing in the world is an energy-deprived plan.

  5. And last, what will be the reward of your plan? You might say that the accomplishment of the plan is reward enough, but that usually is not correct. Ask yourself this question. How will I celebrate when I finish what I set out to do? You see plans are not the goals; they are just the way you reach your goals. Don’t get the two mixed up.

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